5G is about to replace optical fiber, 5G CPE terminals for home broadband, CPE equipment certification, SRRC, CTA

What is CPE? What is the difference between 5G CPE?

In fact, many people have used CPE equipment in the 3G and 4G era, just this kind of MIFI.

Friends who have used it will know its functions. First, you need to insert a SIM card, and it can be used as a mobile WIFI when it is turned on.

All kinds of mobile phones, computers, tablets, and smart hardware can be connected to the Internet.

5G CPE equipment is actually a 5G router in general, it can receive 5G network signals and convert them into WiFi signals for transmission.

In this way, even if our smartphones and laptops do not support 5G networks, we can still experience the high-speed network brought by 5G.

Why should 5G CPE be such a big man?

CPE is a big guy with stronger antenna gain and higher power, and its signal receiving and sending capabilities are more powerful than that of mobile phones. Therefore, if the mobile phone has no signal in some places, it may have a signal.

The CPE transmit power of indoor models can reach 500-1000mW, and 5G CPE also supports WiFi6 technology.

The measured network rate of 5G CPE equipment is above 1Gbps, which has reached the level of gigabit fiber broadband. Home users enjoy high-speed Internet access services, so they don’t need to pull optical fiber in the future!

What is the difference between CPE and our home router?

Although routers can also provide WiFi networks, routers require optical fiber fixed networks to provide broadband signals, while CPE directly uses base station networks.

So the difference between a router and a CPE lies in a wired connection and a wireless connection.

So there is no need to continue broadband after 5G commercialization?

There is an old saying in the communications industry: "Wired is unlimited, but wireless is limited."

Although 5G CPE can indeed provide home broadband services, it also facilitates access to communities that are difficult to access by fixed-line broadband. However, the carrying capacity of the 5G network is ultimately limited, and a large number of users 5G online at the same time will also cause traffic jams to the base station.

5G and fixed-line broadband should be in a coordinated relationship. Compared with difficult areas where wired broadband cannot be accessed, can 5G CPE be used to solve it? If wireless broadband can achieve the same stability as mobile phones in the future, then wireless-based home broadband users will increase substantially.

Certification knowledge

Relative to the base station, CPE is a mobile phone and a mobile data terminal.

The certification of mobile data terminal products requires China compulsory certification (3C certificate), SRRC (model approval), and CTA (network access permission).