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We offer 4G Wifi LTE Router with Sim Card to meet the demands of extending Wi-Fi coverage to remote areas and industrial needs,supports LTE CAT6 high speed fixed wireless internet access, Gigabit Ethernet port, Dual Bands WIFI 1200Mbps, the advanced VPN performance, firewall, and Security.

Product Detail

4G Router 2 2.4G 150Mbps Wifi LTE CPE Mobile Router LAN Port Support SIM card Portable Wireless Router WiFi Router

Features of 4G Wifi LTE Router with Sim Card:

No more need the Ethernet cable, simply insert a SIM card for convenient connection.

Supports the client-side PPTP/L2TP VPN, which enable you to remotely access the intranet and work from home.

Built-in two omnidirectional antennas receive 4G signal in 360°, and you can install external antennas to improve signal reception.

Enjoy smoother wireless network connections with Wi-Fi standard 802.11n, speed of 300Mbps and built-in Wi-Fi double antenna. Supports up to 32 users.

Provides 1 gigabit adaptive port to stably connect desktop computer, STB(Set Top Box), game machines and more when using 4G internet; The product also can be used as Wi-Fi router when connected with fiber optic modem.


*Please contact your network service provider to purchase the antennas.

4G Wifi LTE Router with Sim Card

Say goodbye to traditional internet cabling by getting the best 4G Wifi LTE Router with Sim Card . Stay connected to the high-speed internet .

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